Using Dental Crowns for Cosmetic Improvement

The function and appearance of your teeth are both important. When your teeth are damaged and you can’t reliably use them, you may have to adjust your eating habits. You may experience constant pain, or you may experience pain while eating. A damaged tooth may also look unsightly. Your tooth may stand out in your… Read more »

Periodontitis Is a Scary Gum Disease Reality

When you think about your oral health, you probably focus on your teeth. By brushing your teeth twice a day, you take major steps toward preventing cavity formation. However, your teeth aren’t the only important part of your oral health. Your gums are a vital oral tissue that needs your protection, just like your teeth…. Read more »

Has Tooth Loss Changed Your Lifestyle?

Tooth loss can have a dramatic effect on individuals in both the short term and the long term. When you experience tooth loss, the experience might be sudden and painful. Your tooth loss may come after a long period of pain and discomfort you’ve learned to live with. After losing your tooth or teeth, you… Read more »

Are Your Children Brushing and Flossing?

Proper oral hygiene can be difficult enough for adults to remember, so it’s no surprise that children can fall behind when it comes to brushing and flossing. Taking proper care of your teeth at home isn’t just about remembering to do things like brush and floss, you also have to do those things well. Proper… Read more »