When you think about your oral health, you probably focus on your teeth. By brushing your teeth twice a day, you take major steps toward preventing cavity formation. However, your teeth aren’t the only important part of your oral health. Your gums are a vital oral tissue that needs your protection, just like your teeth. Your gums can become infected by bacteria, causing gum disease. The first stage of gum disease is known as “gingivitis.” Reversing this condition is possible with the help of your dentist. As your gum disease progresses, it can lead to periodontitis. This advanced form of the disease wears away at your jawbone.

Periodontitis Can Cause Tooth Loss

Periodontitis is an especially formidable disease that you’ll want to avoid at ass costs. Periodontitis leads to the degradation of your jawbone, meaning that it will lose mass over time. The infectious bacteria rupture the connection between your teeth and bone, eventually creating a gap that will loosen your tooth. Making matters worse, periodontitis is an irreversible condition. That means you’ll have to manage the threat of periodontitis for the rest of your life to avoid tooth loss.

Manage and Prevent Periodontitis with Scaling and Root Planing

The key to preventing periodontitis is to treat your gum disease as soon as possible. The signs of gum disease include inflammation (pain, redness, swelling) of the gums. If your gums are chronically inflamed, you likely have gingivitis. You should treat gingivitis with scaling and root planing at your dentist’s office. This form of deep cleaning can remove bacteria from beneath your gum line and allow your teeth to reconnect with your jawbone. Over time, your teeth and gums will heal and the condition will reverse. If you already have periodontitis, scaling and root planing can be used to manage the condition and prevent your jaw bone from losing mass.

Scaling and Root Planing Access the Surfaces Beneath Your Gum Line

You can only see a small portion of your teeth above the surface of your gums. While it’s important to clean these surfaces with brushing and flossing, they aren’t the only areas of concern. Your teeth extend well beneath the surfaces of your gums and into your jawbone. Those are the surfaces that scaling and root planing reach. Scaling is the process by which your dentist will carefully remove the bacteria from the surfaces of your teeth. Root planing allows your doctor to smooth the surfaces of the roots so that they can reconnect with your jaw.

Seek Scaling and Root Planing Treatment at Greenhaven

If you are exhibiting any signs of gum disease, treat this condition as soon as you can by visiting your dentist. Your dentist can administer scaling and root planing to protect your teeth and reverse gingivitis. Make an appointment for treatment with Greenhaven Family Dental in Baxter, MN by contacting our office at 218-454-0523.