Keeping Your Smile Healthy Around The Holidays

Enjoying the holidays can take many forms. You can find yourself hosting or visiting friends and family to partake in different festivities, and you can look forward to special seasonal foods and treats when you do. As welcome as this can be, it helps to think about how you should effectively protect your smile at… Read more »

How Dental Checkups Control Tartar Buildup

What are you currently doing to fight the buildup of tartar on your teeth? When you brush and floss, you clear away the debris that can accumulate and form tartar deposits. However, your daily routine is not an effective answer if you are trying to fight tartar buildup already present on your smile. To deal… Read more »

Can I Really Receive A Crown That Matches My Enamel?

If you are facing a problem with your oral health that calls for restorative dental work, you may worry that treatment, while necessary, will rob you of confidence in your smile. After all, you can find yourself stuck with a restoration that has to remain in place permanently—what can you do to keep it from… Read more »

Discussing Gingivitis During A Checkup

At your typical dental checkup, you and your dentist should discuss more than just cavities. While treatment for decay is certainly important, it is not the only issue that can negatively affect the health and appearance of your smile over time. You also need to remain informed about the health of your gums. At our… Read more »