Is Your Tooth Missing a Piece?

Your teeth are incredibly strong and resilient. That’s how they’re able to last throughout your lifetime. However, even with the strength of dental enamel on their side, teeth are still susceptible to damage. Physical contact or chomping down on a food that is too hard can cause a piece of your tooth to chip. Bacterial… Read more »

The Basics of Scaling and Root Planing

Oral bacteria can pose a greater or smaller risk for you, depending on who you are. That’s because everyone’s genetics are different, and some individuals are predisposed to having issues with cavities and gum disease. You can control factors like how often you brush and floss, and how often you visit the dentist, but some… Read more »

Move Forward from Damaged, Broken Teeth

Often times, teeth that have been damaged by bacteria or physical accidents can be repaired with the proper dental restoration. Restorative dentistry has the ability to protect vulnerable teeth and fortify damaged tissues. However, some teeth are beyond repair. Broken, highly decayed teeth may need to be extracted in the interest of your overall oral… Read more »

Positive Dentistry Experiences Help Children

The experiences you have as a child can shape your perceptions as an adult. Some of your fondest childhood memories stick with you to this day. Unfortunately, this can also be true of negative experiences. Creating positive associations with healthy practices as a child will allow your little one to maintain these habits as an… Read more »

Getting Good Sleep Is a Health-Conscious Move

It’s difficult to overestimate the value of good sleep. Sleep is what your body needs to rest and recuperate each night. Without enough sleep, nothing functions quite as well. In addition to feeling rested and ready to go in the morning, getting good sleep actually benefits your overall health. Getting enough sleep can help you… Read more »