Your Kids Need a Positive Dentist Experience

Think back on your experience with the dentist as a child. If you felt welcomed and encouraged to take care of your teeth, you probably enjoyed your visits. If you were intimidated and worried about cavities all the time, you may have developed anxiety related to dentist visits. When you have that negative association with… Read more »

Make Sure You Never Get Familiar with Periodontitis

Have you heard of the term “periodontitis” before? This form of serious gum disease can present a lengthy battle and some major hassle for you. It can lead to tooth loss due to the weakening of the jaw bone. You’re probably more familiar with the term “gingivitis.” Caused by plaque and bacteria sitting on and… Read more »

Why Is a Dental Bridge Right for You?

Your teeth are one of the most vital parts of your body. They’re essential for chewing and digesting food. They’re also an important aesthetic component. Everyone wants to have a beautiful smile that they feel comfortable showcasing. When you lose a tooth as an adult, it can be traumatizing. You may not be sure what… Read more »

Quiz: What Should I Expect From A Filling?

When a cavity forms, you need to seek treatment. Otherwise, the decay could continue to spread until an infection erupts. Fortunately, we have a treatment that can be completed in a single visit to restore the health and appearance of your tooth. What should you expect from a filling?

Dental Checkups Are Vital for Kids

As a parent you want the absolute best for your little ones. Part of providing a bright future for your children includes providing excellent medical care. Along with regular checkups at the doctor’s office, regular dental checkups are vital for kids. Visiting the dentist on a biannual basis gives your oral healthcare provider the chance… Read more »