A Dental Bridge Can Close A Gap Caused By A Missing Tooth

Your best smile is a complete smile, and not just because of how you look. Your jaw’s best function is dependent on your having a full set of teeth. Having even one tooth missing can make it harder for you when you try to eat; in some cases, the way a person speaks can be… Read more »

Quiz: Your Restorative Dental Work Experience

Are you in need of restorative dental work? You may think everything is fine just because you have no obvious symptoms, but when a cavity first forms, you may not realize something is wrong. The regular examinations your dentist provides during a routine dental appointment can allow them to find a small problem, and offer… Read more »

Be Mindful Of The Link Between Gum Disease And Tooth Loss

One reason your dentist takes gum disease seriously is that advanced periodontal problems can be permanent, and without care, they can lead to tooth loss. If nothing is done to reverse gingivitis when it develops, the condition can grow more severe, leading to periodontitis, which will damage the tissue supporting your teeth. With a scaling/root… Read more »

Rely On Routine Visits To Help Prevent Oral Health Issues

Why would someone with no oral health issues make a trip to the dentist? If you feel absolutely certain nothing is wrong with your teeth, why not save yourself some time and skip an appointment? What many people fail to understand about regular dental visits is that they play an important part in helping you… Read more »