When Is A Deep Periodontal Cleaning Recommended?

A deep periodontal cleaning involves a cleaning of your teeth that goes beyond the usual care you expect during a routine dental visit. This procedure, also referred to as a scaling/root planing, includes a thorough cleaning of your teeth underneath your gum line. Why would your dentist need to perform such an involved treatment? A… Read more »

Using A Dental Crown To Support A Vulnerable Tooth

A dental crown offers full support for a vulnerable tooth. If it needs protection after an injury, or after suffering a more significant cavity, the crown can take on all biting and chewing pressures, while also hiding signs of damage. Placing a crown can require multiple appointments, but this process will ensure that your restoration… Read more »

Anxious About A Dental Treatment? Talk To Your Dentist

Some patients will have no trouble seeing their dentist, even if they need to have restorative dental work done. However, it is not so easy for everyone to spend time in the dentist’s chair. Some patients can experience anxiety, and feel reluctant to go in for a treatment. Other patients will have what is known… Read more »

How A Dental Filling Supports Your Tooth After A Cavity

Why does your dentist need to provide you with a dental filling when you have a cavity? While your teeth can recover from some damage, the effects of a cavity are permanent. What that means is the portion of a tooth affected by tooth decay is lost, and you will need something to help support… Read more »