Choosing The Right Material For Your Dental Filling

A dental filling is put in place to support teeth that are left damaged by decay. The presence of this dental restoration is important. When you experience a cavity, the damage done to your tooth is not something that your tooth will naturally recover from. After removing the area of decay, your dentist will address… Read more »

Addressing Questions About Tooth Extraction

The removal of wisdom teeth is a common dental experience. This form of tooth extraction will not require the placement of prosthetic teeth, and will protect you from potential oral health issues those wisdom teeth create. However, this is not the only form of extraction your dentist provides. Other patients may need a tooth removed… Read more »

Be On The Lookout For Warning Signs Of Gum Disease

Would you know how to spot warning signs of gum disease in your periodontal tissue? There are several different issues that can tip you off to a possible problem. Some patients will see that their gum line has receded, exposing areas of their teeth that were previously covered. If this has occurred, it can also… Read more »

Relief For Anxious Patients Is Available With Nitrous Oxide

When you suffer from dental anxiety, it can feel like there is no way to avoid having an unpleasant experience at the dentist’s office. Anxious patients can suffer different degrees of discomfort; for some, the thought of a routine dental appointment will be enough to feel distressing. What you should know is that your dentist… Read more »