Tips For Successfully Preventing Cavities

By protecting yourself against tooth decay, you can preserve an attractive and healthy smile. This can mean more than just avoiding problems that call for a trip to the dentist’s office. Keeping your teeth in good condition will benefit your overall well-being and make it easier to preserve an attractive appearance. If you want to… Read more »

Dental Visits And Your Periodontal Health

You should take the health of both your teeth and gums seriously if you want to protect your smile. Avoiding cavities means protecting yourself against irreversible enamel damage, and preventing the onset of an infection that can lead to alarming pain and sensitivity issues. You should know that when you keep your gums healthy, you… Read more »

Protecting A Cracked Tooth With A Crown

As strong as it might be, our tooth enamel can break. A crack in your tooth creates problems for your oral health and bite function, and it also leaves you vulnerable to an infection that can create more unwelcome complications. At our Baxter, MN dentist’s office, we can address the problem by capping your injured… Read more »

Supporting Your Tooth With A Filling

Will a cavity really do permanent damage to your tooth structure? The unfortunate truth is that dental decay can do irreversible harm to your enamel, which means a permanent restoration will be needed. At our Baxter, MN dentist’s office, we can provide that support, which can keep you safe from further health issues and also… Read more »