Gingivitis: What Am I Missing?

Have you experienced gingivitis, feeling completely surprised that you could possible succumb to this oral health problem? After all, you take care of your smile with great dedication, so what’s the problem? In many instances, it turns out that patients care for their smile with enthusiasm – but they make a couple missteps that lead… Read more »

Restorative Dentistry: What Is It?

Are you ever worried about your oral health? Are you concerned about what might happen if you skip a brushing session or two, if you accidentally bite into something too hard for your teeth, or if some other trauma occurs? The good news is that we offer restorative dentistry for when you require some type of… Read more »

3 Tips For Effective Dental Hygiene

We always encourage our patients to schedule visits with us once every six months for a thorough preventive dentistry appointment – this includes a dental cleaning and a dental checkup. However, this is not all it takes to make sure you maintain a beautiful smile that looks lovely and functions well. You also need to practice… Read more »

2 Tips To Address Dental Anxiety

Do you feel frustrated about your oral health because you always fully intend to schedule visits to see us, whether for preventive or restorative care, but you suffer from severe dental anxiety? If so, keep in mind that you are one of many patients who feel too nervous to set up or follow through with dental… Read more »