Addressing Anxiety with Nitrous Oxide

Nitrous oxide (NO2) is often referred to as laughing gas because of the feel-good effect it produces when inhaled. Laughing gas has long-been used as a safe and effective dental sedative to help patients relax and remain at-ease while in the dental chair. The gas is mixed with oxygen and then administered through a mask worn over the nose, and is immediately exhaled through the mouth.

The sedative effects of nitrous oxide are mild enough to be safe for children, and do not linger. After your procedure is completed and the mask is removed, the effects should quickly subside, and you will be able to drive yourself home or return to work, if necessary.

If you need a restoration, such as a tooth filling or dental crown, or if you have a strong apprehension about visiting the dentist, then speak with Dr. Roberts about the benefits of nitrous oxide.

Ask Dr. Roberts About Nitrous Oxide

As a safe and mild solution, nitroux oxide may be beneficial for many different treatment options. To find out if you can benefit from nitrous oxide, call our dental office in Baxter, MN, today at (218) 454-0523. Our office proudly serves the residents of Baxter, as well as Brainerd, Little Falls, Staples, Crosby-Ironton-Deerwood, and all surrounding communities.