When You Receive A Prosthetic Tooth

What should you really expect when you undergo treatment that leads to the placement of a prosthetic tooth? Is your smile going to look natural, and will you be able to put bite pressure on your restoration? There are different strategies that are recommended when patients require prosthetic work, as there are different degrees of… Read more »

What To Expect When You Receive A Custom Dental Bridge

A problem with tooth loss is not something to take lightly. Losing teeth means losing confidence in your smile, losing support for your bite function, and the potential loss of more teeth! In other words, it is a matter that you should deal with. Fortunately, the right restorative dental procedure can close the gap in… Read more »

When Preserving Your Oral Health Means Losing a Tooth

Losing teeth as a child is a natural occurrence. If you are losing teeth as an adult, however, that is indicative of a much bigger concern. In fact, the development of adult structures should be permanent and they will not grow back once gone. So, what could be the reason? The answer, unfortunately, is a… Read more »

Tooth Extraction to Preserve Other Teeth

Tooth extraction is often seen as a sort of “last resort” treatment. Throughout the life of your teeth, your dentist will do all they can to preserve and protect them. Hopefully you do what you can at home by cleaning them regularly. When an oral health problem becomes significant enough — due to infection, or… Read more »

Situations that Call for Tooth Extraction

Tooth extraction may seem like a drastic measure when it comes to oral health — especially since the whole idea of dentistry is to preserve your teeth throughout your life. Tooth extraction is serious, and it’s not something that your dentist will recommend unless it’s the best course of action. There are some cases where… Read more »