Biggest Impediments to Children’s Dental Health

Keeping your kids safe and healthy is a matter of teaching them positive habits that they can use to take care of themselves. When it comes to the health of your children’s teeth, you need to teach them how to brush and floss, but you also need to help them understand why caring for their… Read more »

What Happens When a Filling Fails?

Dental fillings are the most basic solution to address cavities in your teeth. Cavities form when bacteria wear holes in your enamel with their growth and metabolism. If you spot a cavity and treat it quickly, your dentist can remove the bacteria, sterilize the tooth, and place a dental filling to repair the damage. Dental… Read more »

Do You Know What Gingivitis Looks Like?

How is your oral health right now? If you can’t answer that question, it’s probably because you haven’t seen your dentist in a while. You should be making biannual appointments for checkups and cleanings to prevent bacteria from building up on your teeth and gums. These appointments also give you peace of mind, because you’ll… Read more »

Situations that Call for Tooth Extraction

Tooth extraction may seem like a drastic measure when it comes to oral health — especially since the whole idea of dentistry is to preserve your teeth throughout your life. Tooth extraction is serious, and it’s not something that your dentist will recommend unless it’s the best course of action. There are some cases where… Read more »