Using Advanced Technology to Diagnose and Treat Cavities

The severity of a cavity can often depend on how quickly the problem is diagnosed. If you wait for the visual signs of cavities to see your dentist, you’ll likely need at least a dental filling to fix the problem. Relying on your own eyes to spot these problems is not the best option for… Read more »

Should You Give Up on a Cracked Tooth?

Your teeth are strong and durable. They have to be, in order to stand up to a lifetime of chewing and bacterial wear. When one of your teeth becomes damaged, it can cause you pain and pose a risk to other teeth and oral tissues. You may have experienced a crack in one of your… Read more »

A Healthy Jaw Keeps Your Teeth in Place

Everyone wants to live their life with a full set of bright, healthy teeth. As you get older, your risk for tooth loss increases, because your teeth are bound to experience natural wear throughout your lifetime. However, there are still plenty of factors in your control when it comes to keeping your teeth healthy. One… Read more »

A Prosthetic Can Reinvent Your Smile

Dental prosthetics are used to help patients overcome tooth loss. Losing teeth as an adult can be frustrating and painful. You may think that you’re stuck dealing with gaps in your smile and discomfort while eating. That’s not true — if you reach out to your dentist about dental prosthetic options. Dental prosthetics can replace… Read more »