Use Your Dental Insurance Benefits for the Year

All too often, dental insurance benefits get wasted — either because patients don’t know what benefits they have, or because they forget to make an appointment. This is a shame, because by utilizing the benefits that most dental insurance packages have, you can prevent many of the common oral health problems that can plague your… Read more »

Your Tooth Enamel Protects Your Teeth

Your teeth are durable and tough because they have to be. You only have one set of adult teeth, so those teeth must be built to last. That durability starts with the enamel. Your tooth enamel is an ultra-hard, exterior mineral structure that protects the rest of the tooth. Beneath your enamel, the dentin and… Read more »

Healthy Roots Keep Your Teeth in Place

There’s much more to teeth than meets the naked eye. That’s because a majority of the structure of your teeth exists beneath the gum line. While you can see and brush the crown of your tooth, the real strength of your tooth lies in its roots. Caring for your entirety of your teeth is important,… Read more »

Children’s Dental Visits Prepare Little Ones for the Future

Giving your child a bright future is a huge priority for you as a parent. One of the best ways that you can prepare your child is by helping them develop positive habits at a young age. When children develop habits and perceptions at a young age, they’re more likely to retain those things when… Read more »

What Can Happen When You Skip a Dentist Appointment

There aren’t too many people who are fond of dental procedures. Often, patients worry about discomfort during treatment like a dental crown or filling. It can create such a negative feeling that patients even avoid the dentist altogether. After missing one appointment, it suddenly becomes three years since you’ve been to the dentist. What can… Read more »