Dental Technology Designed for You

Everyone loves a new toy or gadget, mostly because these advances in technology are designed to make life easier. For your dentist new technology doesn’t just provide a fun update on the way they clean teeth or check for cavities, but it also makes life better for you, the patient. When dental technology improves accuracy… Read more »

Take Simple Preventive Steps to Save Your Teeth

The long-term health of your teeth is determined by the little things you do every day. Your teeth are incredibly durable and resilient, but they still need your help to last throughout your lifetime. Keeping them clean reduces staining and allows your teeth to enjoy a strong, healthy existence. Brushing, flossing, and visiting your dentist… Read more »

Positive Dentistry Experiences Help Children

The experiences you have as a child can shape your perceptions as an adult. Some of your fondest childhood memories stick with you to this day. Unfortunately, this can also be true of negative experiences. Creating positive associations with healthy practices as a child will allow your little one to maintain these habits as an… Read more »

Using Advanced Technology to Diagnose and Treat Cavities

The severity of a cavity can often depend on how quickly the problem is diagnosed. If you wait for the visual signs of cavities to see your dentist, you’ll likely need at least a dental filling to fix the problem. Relying on your own eyes to spot these problems is not the best option for… Read more »

Use Your Dental Insurance Benefits for the Year

All too often, dental insurance benefits get wasted — either because patients don’t know what benefits they have, or because they forget to make an appointment. This is a shame, because by utilizing the benefits that most dental insurance packages have, you can prevent many of the common oral health problems that can plague your… Read more »