Preventive Dentistry Is Your Most Powerful Tool

No one wants to have a mouth full of cavities. Luckily, you have a powerful tool at your disposal that can stop cavities from taking over. Preventive dentistry is your most powerful tool in the fight against tooth decay. Simple preventive steps can thwart the efforts of harmful bacteria that cause cavities in your mouth…. Read more »

Children’s Dentistry Should Focus on Prevention

Preventing oral health problems is the most comfortable and cost-effective way to care for your teeth. If you prevent an issue from occurring, you won’t have to deal with treatment for cavities or gum disease. This is the best approach for adults, and it’s certainly the best approach for children. That’s because not only are… Read more »

Dental Technology Designed to Improve Patient Experiences

Improvements in technology are designed to make tools easier to use, and to improve the experience for those that use them. Whether it’s in an automobile or a home appliance, technological advancements can work for you. At Greenhaven Family Dental, we embrace advances in dental technology, because they improve the experience of our patients. By… Read more »

Dental Technology Designed for You

Everyone loves a new toy or gadget, mostly because these advances in technology are designed to make life easier. For your dentist new technology doesn’t just provide a fun update on the way they clean teeth or check for cavities, but it also makes life better for you, the patient. When dental technology improves accuracy… Read more »

Take Simple Preventive Steps to Save Your Teeth

The long-term health of your teeth is determined by the little things you do every day. Your teeth are incredibly durable and resilient, but they still need your help to last throughout your lifetime. Keeping them clean reduces staining and allows your teeth to enjoy a strong, healthy existence. Brushing, flossing, and visiting your dentist… Read more »