What Problems Can A Dental Crown Solve?

Dental crowns are such a useful tool for dentists everywhere because they can solve so many problems. When your teeth have suffered damage from a physical accident, or from bacterial decay, a dental crown is likely in your future. Dental crowns are durable restorations that provide a function and aesthetic solution for a wide variety… Read more »

What Periodontitis Means For Your Future

Periodontitis is a serious form of advanced gum disease that is not reversible. When bacteria accumulates around your gum line, it causes inflammation. When you don’t address that inflammation, it can develop into gingivitis. Periodontitis results from untreated gingivitis, and it comes with serious ramifications for your future. An untreatable disease means you’ll have to… Read more »

When Was Your Child’s Last Dentist Appointment?

When you’re the house schedule maker, you’ve got a lot to manage. Every member of your family has a different list of meetings, activities, and obligations for which you try to account. It can be easy to miss something like a dentist appointment. If you can’t say when your child’s last dentist appointment was, it’s… Read more »

Chronic Headaches? It May Be a Problem for Your Dentist

Earaches and headaches are no fun. Pressure and pain can distract you and make it difficult to focus at school and work. If you suffer from chronic pain, you want to get rid of the source of the problem as soon as possible. However, the source of your pain may not be what you expect…. Read more »

Trust Your Dentist After Tooth Loss

Suffering tooth loss as an adult presents a number of problems. First, it can be a painful experience, both physically and emotionally. You may no longer be able to comfortably eat some of the foods you previously enjoyed. Over time, your remaining teeth can shift to fill the gaps left by your missing teeth. This… Read more »