Get Treated for Sleep Disorders At Your Dentist’s Office

Your regular dental visits are such an important part of your overall healthcare. At your biannual checkup and cleaning your dentist can thoroughly examine your teeth and ensure that there aren’t any problems developing. Spotting a cavity early on may lead to only a minor filling that doesn’t even require sedation. Your hygienist can also… Read more »

Experiencing Gum Inflammation? Try Scaling and Root Planing

Inflamed gums are nothing to ignore. If you experience pain, or you notice redness and swelling around your gum line, these are signs of inflammation. It’s possible that you have developed a sore that may go away after a day or two. However, if you notice chronic inflammation around your gums, you need to take… Read more »

If You Have Teeth, You Need to Brush Them

One of the most common questions dentists get about pediatric dental care is, “When should my child start brushing their teeth?” Actually, you’ll begin brushing your child’s teeth long before they’re able to do so themselves. That’s because you should begin brushing your teeth as soon as they erupt. Once your child’s first tooth appears,… Read more »

Dental Crowns Offer Superior Protection

Your teeth are meant to endure years of wear and tear. You only have one set of adult teeth for life, so of course they have to be resilient. Then again, there is such a thing as too much wear, and too much tear. If your teeth suffer damage from tooth decay, or from a… Read more »