How Your Dentist Protects Your Tooth With A Dental Filling

Your dentist will make sure that you conclude restorative dental care with decay fully removed, and a tooth that still has the full support it needs to function effectively. Unfortunately, cavities do more damage than our teeth can repair naturally. It is common for dentists to supply patients with dental fillings in order to make… Read more »

Stop Gingivitis Before Your Condition Worsens

How do you know when gingivitis is affecting your gums? There are signs you can watch out for, like a reddening or swelling of your periodontal tissue. Poor gum health can also lead to a tendency for the tissue to bleed more easily, and a recession of your gum line. It is important to do… Read more »

Providing Patient Comfort During Restorative Dental Work

If you need restorative dental work to stop a cavity that is attacking a tooth, you should consider this a priority treatment. After all, waiting to undergo professional care leaves decay more time to spread. Patients who wait too long may find that the only option left to them is to have their tooth extracted!… Read more »

A Professional Dental Cleaning Can Prevent Future Problems

Your dentist’s regular review of your oral health can detect problems, but what can they do to help you avoid them? Part of every dental checkup will consist of a professional teeth cleaning from your hygienist. In addition to being able to carefully tend to even the toughest to reach spots, your hygienist will take… Read more »

A Dental Crown Can Support A Weak Or Damaged Tooth

Your teeth are limited in how they can heal. Over time (and with proper care), you can dependably heal from something like a broken bone. Unfortunately, any chipping or cracking that occurs with a tooth can be permanent. Damage suffered because of a cavity is also more than your tooth will heal from on its… Read more »