How A Dental Filling Protects Your Tooth

Even a small cavity, once it has taken shape, will do irreversible harm to your tooth. Your dentist has no choice but to excise the decay that has formed on your tooth. In order to address that loss of material, a dental filling can be placed. The presence of a filling can offset the loss… Read more »

A Dental Prosthetic Can Provide A Restored Smile

The absence of a tooth can be hard to ignore. You might be reminded of that absence whenever you smile. You could feel the frustration of tooth loss every time you attempt to bite and chew food. Your smile does not have to be permanently incomplete after tooth loss. Your dentist is capable of providing… Read more »

Understanding Why Sleep Apnea Is A Threat To Your Health

It is easy to explain how sleep apnea could be a threat to your partner’s rest. Sleep apnea can be expressed through disruptive, often loud snoring. This embarrassing problem could be sufficient by itself to motivate you to seek treatment, but you should be aware of the more serious health repercussions sleep apnea can cause…. Read more »

Special Care To Address Gum Disease

If you had to guess, would you say your gums are in good health? Are there any issues that might make you think otherwise? Gum disease can be missed by those who have it, because it does not cause pain. However, there might be other signs you should take seriously. Issues with chronic bad breath… Read more »

Expert Care From A Professional Dental Cleaning

Your standard dental appointment should occur every six months. Part of why these visits matter is because you receive an advanced cleaning from your hygienist. This involves the removal of plaque and tartar (hardened plaque your toothbrush can leave behind), along with treatment to make it more difficult for plaque to stick to teeth. These… Read more »