The function and appearance of your teeth are both important. When your teeth are damaged and you can’t reliably use them, you may have to adjust your eating habits. You may experience constant pain, or you may experience pain while eating. A damaged tooth may also look unsightly. Your tooth may stand out in your smile, causing you to feel self-conscious and uncomfortable in social situations. Dental crowns can repair damaged teeth. They create a functional restoration, but they can also be used for cosmetic improvement. Here’s how dental crowns can help you.

Dental Crowns Can Be Made from Tooth-Colored Materials

There are a number of different materials that can be used to make your dental crown. One of your options is metal amalgam. This is a strong, durable material that can stand up to plenty of pressure and wear. However, metal amalgam tends to stand out. If you’d like something more subtle, a tooth-colored dental crown is a better option. Dental ceramic is tooth-colored and can be treated to match the shade and appearance of your natural teeth. Zirconia is another tooth-colored option, and this material tends to reflect light in the most lifelike way, making it a strong cosmetic option.

Dental Crowns Can Be Used to Correct a Misshapen Tooth

Dental crowns are most commonly used to protect a severely damaged tooth. A tooth that requires root canal therapy will likely need to be covered by a dental crown. However, crowns can also be used for cosmetic purposes. If you’ve got a misshapen tooth, or a tooth that is noticeably smaller than all of your other teeth, a dental crown can cover this tooth and create a more natural appearance that fits with the rest of your teeth. A smaller tooth may also be more susceptible to damage or bacterial infection, so the crown can provide protection in this way as well.

Dental Crowns Are Used as Part of Dental Prosthetics

If you’re missing a tooth, it can be painful, and it can also cause issues for your smile. A dental prosthetic can rebuild your smile from a cosmetic perspective. If your dentist is used a dental bridge to replace a series of missing teeth, they will use dental crowns on either end of the bridge to hold it in place. Dental crowns can be used on individual teeth, or they can be used in an application like this to rebuild your smile and help you recover from oral health issues.

Restore Your Smile at Greenhaven Family Dental

While dental crowns are considered a dental restoration, they can still have cosmetic benefits for patients. If you’re having an issue with an individual tooth, a dental crown may help. At Greenhaven Family Dental, we will take time to understand your specific situation and recommend personal care that helps you feel and look your best. Schedule an appointment at Greenhaven Family Dental in Baxter, MN by calling 218-454-0523.