Durable, Lifelike Dental Restoration

Restorative dentistry describes treatments and procedures designed to restore or rebuild healthy tooth structure. Though your teeth are the strongest parts of your body, they are not indestructible, and unfortunately, they cannot grow back structure that they’ve lost. If a tooth develops a cavity, or is chipped, cracked, broken, or lost, then a customized restoration could be necessary to repair the tooth and improve your smile’s appearance.

Common Threats to Your Teeth

Plaque and tartar are the most frequent threats to your teeth, and tooth decay (the cause of cavities) is one of its most effective weapons. Certain oral bacteria produce acids that erode tooth enamel – the protective outer layer of your teeth – leaving them vulnerable to infection. As bacteria reach the tooth, a cavity forms, then grows as the tooth infection spreads.

Structural tooth damage can occur from accidental impacts that chip or break the tooth, or that knock it loose within its socket. Malocclusion (crooked teeth), impacted wisdom teeth, consistent teeth-grinding, and other dental issues can also affect the balance of your bite, exposing your teeth to undue pressure.

Regardless of how a tooth is compromised, choosing the right restoration can be vital to preserving the healthy tooth structure that remains, and having a better chance of preventing tooth loss.

Options for Restoring Your Smile

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