Should You Consider Tooth Extraction?

Technically, tooth extraction is only recommended when no restoration can save a tooth. For example, impacted wisdom teeth, which grow at odd angles underneath the gum line, are commonly extracted due to the problems they can cause for the rest of your teeth. Other conditions that could call for extraction include:

  • A tooth that is too damaged to restore with a dental crown
  • A tooth with a fractured root
  • A tooth that suffers extreme infection (when a tooth filling or root canal treatment can’t save it)
  • A tooth that lacks periodontal support due to severe gum disease
  • And more

For patients who may feel anxious about having a tooth extracted, Dr. Roberts can administer nitrous oxide for a calmer, more relaxed experience.

What to Do After Tooth Extraction

Once a tooth has been extracted, the empty space that is left can disrupt your bite balance. With the exception of impacted wisdom teeth, an extracted tooth should almost always be replaced with an appropriate dental prosthetic, such as a custom dental bridge. If one or more teeth are missing or extracted, then a partial or complete denture may be more beneficial.

Learn More by Visiting Your Dentist

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