Which Type Of Crown Do You Need?

Do you have a damaged or infected tooth? When a tooth become broken or cracked, or develops serious decay or an infection, we will recommend a restoration. A dental crown covers the visible portion of the tooth, returning the tooth to full function and health. We use a variety of materials to create our restorations…. Read more »

Bristle Blunders: Cleaning Your Brush

Are you feeling somewhat frantic because you just realized your mouth is full of bacteria, which means your toothbrush is probably coated in some amount of bacteria? As a result, are you second guessing everything you ever thought you knew about caring for your dental hygiene products? First of all, we encourage you to relax… Read more »

When Do You Need A Filling?

When a patient develops a cavity we recommend the issue be treated as soon as possible. Without treatment, cavities can lead to serious complications. In order to restore the tooth to full function and health we may prescribe a dental filling. When do you need a filling? How do you know if you have tooth… Read more »

Do You Need A Bridge Or A Partial Denture?

When you lose a tooth you should talk to your dentist about replacement options right away. Otherwise, you could experience a number of complications for your oral health and appearance. Fortunately, we have multiple dental prosthetic options to help restore your smile to full function and health. Do you need a bridge or a partial… Read more »