3 Things You Ought To Know About Routine Dental Exams

How much good are regular dental exams really doing? What role do these visits play in preventing cavities and gum disease? At our Baxter, MN dental office, we provide thorough teeth cleanings and oral health evaluations to help our patients remain free of oral health troubles. The services you receive help you stay healthy because… Read more »

Treating Little Smiles With Children’s Dentistry

Children need routine care to manage their oral health and prevent complications, such as tooth decay or even premature tooth loss. In today’s blog, your Baxter, MN, dentist explains how we approach children’s dentistry, and what treatments we offer to help safeguard little smiles of all ages.

Are Your Kids Brushing And Flossing Properly?

Being home means bored kids, and bored kids love sugary snacks and forgetting things like brushing and flossing their teeth. However, since preventive treatments from your Baxter, MN, are not available at the moment, as we’re only offering emergency care, you need to make sure your kids continue to care for their smiles from home!

Biggest Impediments to Children’s Dental Health

Keeping your kids safe and healthy is a matter of teaching them positive habits that they can use to take care of themselves. When it comes to the health of your children’s teeth, you need to teach them how to brush and floss, but you also need to help them understand why caring for their… Read more »

Children’s Dentistry Should Focus on Prevention

Preventing oral health problems is the most comfortable and cost-effective way to care for your teeth. If you prevent an issue from occurring, you won’t have to deal with treatment for cavities or gum disease. This is the best approach for adults, and it’s certainly the best approach for children. That’s because not only are… Read more »