Why Choose Dental Sedation?

When you learn that dental sedation is an option at our practice, you may immediately think that it sounds nice. However, if you are like many of our patients, you may also immediately think that while it sounds nice, it is probably not something you qualify for – so, why bother getting excited about it?… Read more »

3 Preventive Care Benefits

Are you curious about the benefits of preventive care? Do you consistently hear us tell you that protecting your oral health with prevention is paramount but you aren’t really sure why we feel so strongly about this area of dental care? First, remember that prevention allows you to safeguard your smile, keeping it safe so… Read more »

Treating Sleep Apnea: Important Lifestyle Changes

Are you happy to report that you have been keeping up with your sleep apnea treatment to ensure your airways remain open while you sleep? Are you not so happy, however, to report that you’re not really sure whether you’re making good lifestyle choices to promote the success of that treatment? Don’t worry. We are… Read more »

Get To Know: Dental Bridges

Does your smile reveal that you have an open space (or multiple open spaces) as the result of tooth loss? Do you find that you try to conceal this fact by covering up your smile with your hand – or that you intentionally avoid social interactions to prevent anyone from noticing? Fortunately, whether you are… Read more »