Preventing Oral Health Issues With Regular Dental Care

Why is regular preventive dental care so crucial to your oral health? Is there any harm in skipping the occasional routine dental checkup, or in forgetting to brush or floss every once in a while? Regular dental care helps you fight the threat of tooth decay and gum disease by eliminating the oral bacteria and… Read more »

Why Dental Crowns Are Made With Different Material Types

Any dental crown, regardless of its material type, will have the same major goal – to protect and support a vulnerable tooth. Patients need dental crowns when they have undergone significant restorative dental work on a tooth. The placement of a crown can also be a response to a physical injury, or as a means… Read more »

Is A Scaling/Root Planing In Your Future?

The oral bacteria gathering in your mouth can harm more than just your teeth. Patients can develop gingivitis when some of those bacteria build up at your gum line, and infect your periodontal tissue. By having your dentist perform a scaling/root planing, you can put a stop to this condition, so that gingivitis does not… Read more »

Are You Struggling With Dental Anxiety?

Not everyone is comfortable with the idea of visiting their dentist’s office. If you suffer from dental anxiety, you may feel an acute alarm when you contemplate going in for a routine dental checkup. The idea of having restorative work performed on a tooth can be upsetting as well. For patients who have this struggle,… Read more »