How Does Scaling And Root Planing Help You?

There are certain benefits to regular oral health checkups that you should rely on for the sake of your smile. One actually concerns your gums instead of your teeth—during a review, we will look for the warning signs of gingivitis, an infection that needs to be reversed before there are complications to deal with. At… Read more »

How Dental Fillings Protect Teeth

Dental decay is a problem that needs to be addressed by your dentist. If no treatment takes place, a cavity will just continue to grow—eventually, your tooth can develop a painful infection, and eventually the matter can become so serious that it has to be extracted! Our Baxter, MN dentist’s office is here to help… Read more »

Be Consistent About Dental Exams And Cleanings

Consistency matters when it comes to preventive dental care, and not just the consistency of your daily routine. As important as at-home smile care is to your long-term oral health, it should not be all that you rely on to keep your teeth and gums healthy. You should also rely on the support that is… Read more »

When Should A Crown Be Used To Restore A Tooth?

In the event that you experience problems with tooth decay or a physical injury, your Baxter, MN dentist will be able to help you by providing the appropriate restorative treatment. Services that address these problems confront a serious issue—this kind of damage to your enamel is permanent. In response to this, we will provide a… Read more »