Do You Need To Arrange A Scaling And Root Planing?

When you meet with your Baxter, MN dentist for a routine dental exam, your teeth and gums will be closely evaluated. If your dentist observes symptoms of gingivitis, they will recommend that you undergo a scaling and root planing. This procedure is different from the standard teeth cleaning provided at routine appointments. A scaling and root planing will target the spaces below your gum line for the purpose of removing bacteria infecting these tissues. By doing this, we can stop an infection from worsening and give your gums a chance to naturally heal. Gum disease is something that should be taken seriously, as unresolved infections can affect your general health and raise your risk for tooth loss! (more…)

Why The Stability Of Your Dental Crown Is Important

A dental crown is placed on a tooth to protect it after it suffers damage from decay or physical harm. Because this permanent restoration is able to protect the tooth, your dentist can save your complete smile even when you experience potentially significant harm. While keeping the tooth safe from infection or further damage is important, there are other benefits to having a crown in place. One is that its ability to hold up against bite pressure lets you maintain a natural dental function. Because your crown will stay stable through the years, even when you use it to assist in biting and chewing tasks, you create less wear and tear for remaining teeth and lower your risk for TMJ problems. (more…)

When Preserving Your Oral Health Means Losing a Tooth

Missing tooth space in mouth close-up. Doctor dentist look into open mouthLosing teeth as a child is a natural occurrence. If you are losing teeth as an adult, however, that is indicative of a much bigger concern. In fact, the development of adult structures should be permanent and they will not grow back once gone. So, what could be the reason? The answer, unfortunately, is a variety of things. You could be experiencing disease or infection that is causing them to fall out, or you may have experienced some sort of physical damage that knocked them out. Regardless of the circumstance, sometimes a tooth needs to be removed when it comes to preserving your health, and your Baxter, MN dentist at Greenhaven Family Dental is here to explain why.