Could Sleep Medicine Help You Get Good Rest?

When you think about the word “medicine,” you might think of it as a particular treatment that you administer, like an injection, or a pill you would take. Really, medicine is a practice. It’s an all-encompassing approach to helping you feel and function your best. Medicine can diagnose an issue that your body is having and then offer a way to correct that issue. Have you ever thought about medicine as it pertains to your sleep? If you’re feeling groggy and tired even after getting plenty of sleep, you might be experiencing sleep apnea. Sleep medicine can help you treat this condition and get good rest. (more…)

Your Teeth Need Structural Stability

What makes your teeth so effective at chewing and grinding up food? They have to be tough in order to last throughout your whole lifetime, but they also have to be stable. Your teeth’s root system and structural stability allow them to give you the bite power you need to comfortably eat food. When either of those things is compromised, you may experience tooth pain, and your teeth may not be able to perform like they once did. If your tooth has suffered bacterial infection, a dental crown can cover it and restore its structural stability. (more…)

Make Sure You’re Cleaning Your Gums

All of the facets of your oral health are related. Keeping your teeth bright, your jaw strong, and your gums healthy all starts with the way you care for these things at home. If you focus on just one area, you may be missing something else. Think about how you brush your teeth. Do you focus on the surfaces that face outward? Many people do. These surfaces are the easiest to reach and they’re the surfaces that others see when you smile. However, focusing all of your brushing efforts in one place leaves other surfaces and your gums behind. Make sure you’re cleaning your gums just as thoroughly as your teeth. (more…)

Your Tooth Enamel Protects Your Teeth

Your teeth are durable and tough because they have to be. You only have one set of adult teeth, so those teeth must be built to last. That durability starts with the enamel. Your tooth enamel is an ultra-hard, exterior mineral structure that protects the rest of the tooth. Beneath your enamel, the dentin and pulp of your teeth are actually quite sensitive. If your enamel becomes compromised, these components can get infected. While your teeth can withstand a lot, they still need your help to stay in good condition throughout your life. You can start by protecting the enamel. (more…)

Are Missing Teeth Disrupting Your Smile?

Missing teeth can cause you physical pain, and they can make it difficult to eat. In addition to the functional problems that come with tooth loss, missing teeth can also disrupt your smile. If you’ve got a couple of teeth missing from your smile, it stands out in photos and in social settings. This can cause you to feel self conscious and smile less. That’s a real shame! You deserve to have a smile that you’re excited to share with everyone. If missing teeth are disrupting your smile, you may benefit from a custom-made dental bridge, which can effectively repair your smile. (more…)