Is Sleep Apnea Derailing Your Evenings?

There are so many factors that determine the quality of your sleep. You can try to control many of them, but some of them are beyond your reach. Your activity level for the day, the stimulants you consume, your diet, the amount of sleep you get — you have some control over these factors. However, even when you carefully lineup ideal conditions for your sleep schedule, things can still get derailed. Sleep apnea is a condition that affects many adults. Often associated with snoring, sleep apnea disrupts sleep for everyone involved. (more…)

You Can Rebuild Your Smile with a Dental Prosthetic

Tooth loss disrupts many things in your life when it happens. Losing a tooth, or many teeth, is never easy. You’ll likely experience pain during the process. You won’t be able to eat the same foods that you did before. It can cause your remaining teeth to shift and become misaligned. Of course, losing a tooth also causes a disruption for your smile. With an incomplete smile, you may not feel comfortable in social environments. You may not feel like smiling at all. You can rebuild your smile with a dental prosthetic. The first step is talking to your dentist. (more…)

Resolve to Schedule Your Dentist Appointment

It’s the second day of the new year, so you’ve probably already created your list of resolutions and goals, but any easy one to add is to “take better care of your teeth.” This fits in with any other lifestyle and health goals you may have. Your teeth are a lifelong asset, so protecting and caring for them is vital. If you’ve fallen out of the habit of taking good care of your teeth, the best thing to do is schedule a dentist appointment. Your dentist can evaluate your teeth to make sure you haven’t developed any serious issues. Then it’s up to you to start on a home care routine. (more…)

Choose Scaling and Root Planing Before It’s Too Late

Even when you think about your own oral health, gum health may not be at the forefront of your mind. It’s easy to forget about your gums, since your teeth are the focus of your smile, and the things you use to eat. However, gum health is just as important as tooth health. Diseased gums can come with a lifetime of treatment needs. To avoid this, you need to be aware of your gum health. If you exhibit signs of infection or inflammation, you should take action right away. You need scaling and root planing to remove bacteria before it’s too late. (more…)

How to Get Your Children to Care for Their Teeth

Education is a vital part of development for all children, and education doesn’t just consist of what your kids are learning in school. Your children also have to learn how to take care of themselves. Creating healthy habits is one of the best ways to set your child up for success later in life. One of the healthy habits you can establish with your little ones is how to care for their teeth. Dental care starts from the moment that your child’s first tooth appears. Creating healthy habits and a positive association with the dentist now can lead to a lifetime of strong oral healthcare. (more…)