Has Tooth Loss Changed Your Lifestyle?

Tooth loss can have a dramatic effect on individuals in both the short term and the long term. When you experience tooth loss, the experience might be sudden and painful. Your tooth loss may come after a long period of pain and discomfort you’ve learned to live with. After losing your tooth or teeth, you may have to change your dietary habits. You have to avoid certain foods that you really enjoy because it’s painful to eat them. You may avoid showing off your smile because you don’t like how it looks. Has tooth loss changed your lifestyle? It’s time to get back on track with a dental prosthetic. (more…)

Are Your Children Brushing and Flossing?

Proper oral hygiene can be difficult enough for adults to remember, so it’s no surprise that children can fall behind when it comes to brushing and flossing. Taking proper care of your teeth at home isn’t just about remembering to do things like brush and floss, you also have to do those things well. Proper technique for brushing and flossing takes time and practice to perfect. Helping your children build those skills early on can set them up for a lifetime of healthy, beautiful teeth. Are your children properly brushing and flossing their teeth? (more…)

You Might Have a Breathing Problem

When you think of breathing problems, you probably think of a condition like “asthma.” If you suffer from asthma, you’re probably already well aware. Not every breathing problem is something you experience consciously. In fact, one of the most common breathing issues happens when you’re asleep. Sleep apnea is a condition that affects many adults and prevents them from getting restful, restorative sleep. What makes this condition especially tricky is that those who suffer from it do so as they sleep, so it’s difficult to spot on your own. (more…)

Dental Technology Designed for You

Everyone loves a new toy or gadget, mostly because these advances in technology are designed to make life easier. For your dentist new technology doesn’t just provide a fun update on the way they clean teeth or check for cavities, but it also makes life better for you, the patient. When dental technology improves accuracy and reduces the amount of time that procedures take, it makes things better for patients and dentists alike. Does your dentist use technology designed to make your experience better? (more…)

Can Your Teeth Take the Pressure?

It’s easy to take it for granted, but your teeth are incredibly strong. The act of chewing food generates a lot of force, and as a result, a lot of pressure on your teeth. With strong, healthy teeth in place, that pressure is nothing to worry about. However, if your teeth have been damaged by bacterial infection, they may not have the same structural stability as they did before. This can cause you pain, and even put your teeth at risk while you chew food. So, can your teeth take the pressure, or do you need a restorative dentistry solution? (more…)