Are You Ready for the New Insurance Year?

Mid-November is when many of the enrollment periods for insurance programs end. This is the time to determine what your insurance benefit structure will look like for the following calendar year. Depending on your insurance provider, you will have many options for what all of your healthcare — including your dental healthcare — looks like. Understanding how and if your benefits are changing is important for you and your family. Now is also a good time to start making dentist appointments for you and your family in the new year. Are you ready for the new dental insurance year, and do you know what your coverage will look like? (more…)

How to Protect Your Children’s Dental Health

As a parent, you’re determined to do all you can to care for the health and wellbeing of your children. Dental health is a vital part of your children’s overall wellbeing, and you have a huge role in how your child learns about and practices dental health. By making regular appointments with the right dentist, and encouraging positive habits at home, you can protect your children’s dental health and secure a bright future for your little ones. Here are some of the steps you can take as a parent to help your child develop. (more…)

Is it Time for Your Dental X-Rays?

When most people think of x-rays, they think of the emergency room. X-rays are an imaging technology that allows a doctor to see what they can’t normally see with the naked eye. Of course that’s very helpful when it comes to diagnosing a broken bone, but x-rays’ only application isn’t reactive. X-rays are actually very helpful, proactive tools for dentists. In the same way that a doctor can see bone structure with an x-ray, your dentist can get a comprehensive look at the structure of your teeth and jaw using this technology. Have you had your dental x-rays recently? (more…)

Do You Need a Dental Bridge to Move Forward?

Suffering from tooth loss means that your life is changed — at least in the short term. Suddenly, you may no longer be able enjoy the foods that you used to eat. You may experience pain, both emotionally and physically. Further, you may feel uncomfortable with the appearance of your teeth. This will lead you to smile less, and ultimately feel less happy. If you don’t repair your tooth loss, these short-term problems can become long-term problems. Your remaining teeth may end up shifting to fill the gaps in your jawline. You can develop a crooked bite that wears down your teeth and causes soreness. You want to get over your tooth loss. Do you need a dental bridge to move you forward? (more…)

You Can Fight Back Against Gum Disease

Gum disease is one of the most dangerous oral health conditions because it presents a slippery slope. Gingivitis is an early stage of gum disease, characterized by inflammation and swelling around the gum line. You may feel chronic discomfort and see acute redness around areas of your gum line. While this condition can be annoying and painful, it’s only the beginning of your problems. Untreated gingivitis can eventually lead to periodontitis. This condition is irreversible and means a lifetime of management. Left unchecked, periodontitis leads to a deterioration of the jaw bone, and eventually, tooth loss. (more…)