Sleep Peacefully with Snoring/Sleep Apnea Treatment

An estimated 25 million adults in the United States consistently lose sleep to obstructive sleep apnea, making it a more common and serious threat than many patients realize. The good news is that the chronic sleep disorder is highly treatable once you have received an accurate diagnosis.

Snoring results from your oral tissues and throat vibrating due to the increased air pressure caused by your airway closing. Not all patients who snore suffer from sleep apnea; if the airway remains open, then the noise of snoring may be the only symptom. However, all patients who exhibit obstructive sleep apnea will snore, which may be your first hint that the condition is present.

Symptoms to Look For

In addition to loud snoring, sleep apnea can generate other symptoms that you might notice during the night and throughout the day, including:

  • Occasionally waking up gasping for breath at night
  • Excessive daytime drowsiness
  • Inability to concentrate during the day
  • Constant headaches/migraines, especially in the morning
  • A dry and/or sore throat in the morning

Treating Your Sleep Disorder

The first step to treating excessive snoring/obstructive sleep apnea is to undergo a sleep study where professionals can assess the quality of your sleep. If you are diagnosed with OSA, but do not want to rely on the cumbersome CPAP machine to keep your airway clear, then Dr. Roberts may be able to design a custom-fit appliance, similar to a mouthguard. The appliance will hold your jaw in a slightly forward position, preventing oral tissues from collapsing into and blocking your airway while you sleep. Even if obstructive sleep apnea is not an issue, a sleep appliance may still help alleviate your snoring so you and your partner can finally rest peacefully. For more details on identifying and treating sleep apnea, you can also visit Dr. Roberts’ sleep site.

Learn More About Snoring and Sleep Apnea Treatment

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