Proper oral hygiene can be difficult enough for adults to remember, so it’s no surprise that children can fall behind when it comes to brushing and flossing. Taking proper care of your teeth at home isn’t just about remembering to do things like brush and floss, you also have to do those things well. Proper technique for brushing and flossing takes time and practice to perfect. Helping your children build those skills early on can set them up for a lifetime of healthy, beautiful teeth. Are your children properly brushing and flossing their teeth?

Brushing Technique Can Be Tough for Younger Dental Patients

Think about the motor skills that go into brushing your teeth. Even adults tend to miss some of the surfaces of their teeth (especially the back molars) while brushing. Children need help learning to brush their teeth properly as more and more teeth continue to fill their mouths. Using short brush strokes moving away from the gum line disrupts bacteria formation and moves it away from the gums. Electric toothbrushes can help thoroughly reach surfaces that are difficult to reach on your own, and that’s important. Failing to brush certain surfaces can increase your risk for cavities in those areas.

Flossing Reaches the Spaces in Between

Even if you’re an avid brusher, you still might not make a habit of flossing. Flossing is an important oral hygiene step because it allows you to reach the surfaces of your teeth that are between one another. Your brush head cannot easily reach these surfaces, but they still need to be cleaned. Helping your child learn to floss their teeth may also create a great opportunity for you to start flossing on a regular basis. A consistent flossing routine goes a long way toward cavity prevention and gum health.

Make Biannual Dentist Appointments for Your Child

Your child’s home care routine is only part of what will keep their teeth healthy throughout their lifetime. Just like you, your child should be attending biannual dentist appointments for a checkup and cleaning. These visits allow a professional to thoroughly clean your child’s teeth and remove any plaque buildup that may be occurring. These visits also give your child’s dentist a chance to check for any changes that may be developing with your child’s teeth. Spotting changes or problems early on leads to better care.

Greenhaven Family Dental Accepts Patients of All Ages

Good care experiences at a young age create a positive association with the dentist. This can help your child continue to make appointments and care for their teeth throughout their lifetime. Greenhaven Family Dental welcomes patients of all ages to its comfortable, personal care environment. To make an appointment for your child, contact Greenhaven Family Dental in Baxter, MN by calling 218-454-0523.