Tooth loss can have a dramatic effect on individuals in both the short term and the long term. When you experience tooth loss, the experience might be sudden and painful. Your tooth loss may come after a long period of pain and discomfort you’ve learned to live with. After losing your tooth or teeth, you may have to change your dietary habits. You have to avoid certain foods that you really enjoy because it’s painful to eat them. You may avoid showing off your smile because you don’t like how it looks. Has tooth loss changed your lifestyle? It’s time to get back on track with a dental prosthetic.

Tooth Loss Can Have Physical and Psychological Effects

Tooth loss is never an easy obstacle to experience. The damage done by tooth loss hurts physically. Even after the site of the tooth loss has healed, this area still may be subject to increased risk of infection. When you’re missing a tooth, over time, your remaining teeth can begin to shift and fill in the gap where your original tooth was. This can create an uneven bite that causes even more wear on your natural teeth. If you don’t feel comfortable smiling with missing teeth, you may start to avoid social and professional settings as a result. You need to rebuild your smile.

Dental Prosthetics Are Lifelike and Functional

Dental prosthetics come in a number of forms, and can be used to address varying degrees of tooth loss. The two traits that all dental prosthetics provide for patients are realism and functionality. Your dental prosthetic can be made to look lifelike and match your other natural teeth. Dental porcelain can be treated to match the shade of your remaining teeth and reflect light like they do. Your dental prosthetics are also made to be functional. That means that you can use them to chew food, and they’ll hold your natural teeth in place.

Dental Prosthetic Options Like Bridges and Dentures Can Address Various Degrees of Tooth Loss

Dental bridges are composed of a series of replacement teeth that are held together by dental crowns. That means that a dental bridge can replace a single missing tooth, or a series of missing teeth. Your dental bridge will need two healthy teeth bookending your missing teeth so that the crowns can be placed. Dentures are a solution used for more comprehensive tooth loss. If you’ve lost all of the teeth on a dental ridge, dentures can replace them all. Partial dentures can also be fabricated to replace many missing teeth while fitting around your natural teeth.

You Have Prosthetic Options at Greenhaven Family Dental

Choosing a dental prosthetic can give you back confidence in your smile and your teeth. Dentures and dental bridges create lifelike replacements for missing teeth. At Greenhaven Family Dental, we can evaluate your tooth loss to determine the right prosthetic for you. Schedule a consultation at Greenhaven Family Dental by calling our Baxter, MN office at 218-454-0523.