Don’t Ignore Your Tooth Decay

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Sometimes, patients will wait to treat a cavity until it becomes painful. There is a gamble with waiting, and if this is not treated until the infection reaches the inside of the tooth, it can mean a significantly more invasive procedure. This means most likely the need for a root canal surgery procedure, or even… Read more »

Snoring Can Be A Dangerous Sign

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Many people snore from time to time, and it is no serious health concern. But for a significant segment of the population, this can be a sign of something much more harmful. And this can affect not only the quality of your sleep but your overall wellbeing, as well. Sleep apnea refers to momentary pauses… Read more »

Choosing The Best Replacement For You!

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The thought of losing a tooth can instantly make your stomach drop. It’s rarely anyone’s idea of a good time, but sometimes it is necessary to keep the health of your smile intact. Thankfully our dental replacement technology has evolved to a point where there are multiple options in crafting a new prosthetic. Whether you… Read more »

Headaches? A Night Guard Might Help

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Bruxism, or the term for persistent grinding of teeth, can lead to serious damage. This action often occurs in patients while they are asleep, and sometimes they might not even notice their activity. For many people, they learn from their partner, who sees them while they sleep! Grinding and all its other forms such as… Read more »