Do You Know How to Care for Your Child’s Teeth?

Your child’s health is of paramount importance to you. Keeping your little one from sustaining any bodily injuries is a full-time job once they’re up and running around, but it’s not the only thing you need to help them protect. You also need to protect your child’s teeth. As soon as their first tooth erupts,… Read more »

Use Your Dental Insurance Benefits for the Year

All too often, dental insurance benefits get wasted — either because patients don’t know what benefits they have, or because they forget to make an appointment. This is a shame, because by utilizing the benefits that most dental insurance packages have, you can prevent many of the common oral health problems that can plague your… Read more »

Could Sleep Medicine Help You Get Good Rest?

When you think about the word “medicine,” you might think of it as a particular treatment that you administer, like an injection, or a pill you would take. Really, medicine is a practice. It’s an all-encompassing approach to helping you feel and function your best. Medicine can diagnose an issue that your body is having… Read more »

Your Teeth Need Structural Stability

What makes your teeth so effective at chewing and grinding up food? They have to be tough in order to last throughout your whole lifetime, but they also have to be stable. Your teeth’s root system and structural stability allow them to give you the bite power you need to comfortably eat food. When either… Read more »