Why Haven’t You Started Flossing?

You may already be asking yourself this question. Almost everyone has been to a dental visit where they lied about (or sheepishly admitted to) how well they were caring for their teeth. If you know you need to floss, but you haven’t started yet, you’re not alone. The biggest sticking point in most people’s home… Read more »

Does Your Tooth Need to Go?

Tooth extraction is a tough decision to make. It can seem difficult to voluntarily remove one of your adult teeth, knowing that a replacement won’t just grow back. However, tooth extraction is sometimes the only way forward for your overall oral health. It’s not just about the health of the tooth in question, but also… Read more »

Find a Dental Filling that’s Right for You

Honestly, no one looks forward to having a dental filling placed. Of course, there are huge benefits to taking care of a damaged tooth, but you’re not likely to get excited about the prospect of having your tooth numbed. Luckily, modern dentistry actually makes the process of receiving a dental filling relatively hassle and pain… Read more »

What’s a Dental Deep Cleaning?

The phrase “deep cleaning” comes with all kinds of connotations, but principally, it means cleaner than clean. A deep cleaning gets down to the roots of the mess and gets rid of the source. That’s exactly what a dental deep cleaning involves. If you’re unfamiliar with this process, a dental deep cleaning consists of scaling… Read more »