Your Questions About Snoring

Are you snoring? Do you only know that you’re snoring because your partner is sick and tired of you disrupting his or her sleep? Whatever the case, patients often throw their hands up in their after having tried everything to address this annoying nightly occurrence. The good news is that you have a variety of… Read more »

3 Tips For Better Brushing Practices

As you know, brushing your teeth is the cornerstone of a healthy smile! While keeping up with flossing and your preventive care visits are also absolutely essential when it comes to protecting your oral health, it’s important to recognize something: If you’re not brushing your best, your dental hygiene is not going to offer the… Read more »

Q&A: Essential Preventive Care Details

How thoroughly familiar are you with protecting your oral health through prevention? Are you certain about how to best use preventive care to maintain a healthy smile? Fortunately, once you get the basics down, you will know exactly what to do when it comes to your home care and keeping up with professional preventive visits…. Read more »

Sleep Apnea: What Is It?

Has a friend or family member mentioned to you recently that you might not simply be suffering from excessive snoring – but you may require sleep apnea treatment? Is this something you continue to shrug off because you aren’t quite sure what sleep apnea is and because you’ve simply become accustomed to daily fatigue and… Read more »