A Dental Filling That Does Not Disrupt Your Appearance

When you picture a tooth filling, you may be imagining a metal filling that seems to intrude upon your smile. What you might not realize is that a filling can be made of appearance-friendly composite resin or porcelain, and avoid causing this disruption. The purpose of a filling is to protect a tooth that has… Read more »

Planning Your Dental Crown Placement

A dental crown can make a big improvement to your oral health if you have a problem tooth, while also offering support. While crowns are often used to restore a tooth when there is notable damage from a cavity, tooth decay is not the only issue that calls for this restoration. Your dentist may place… Read more »

Are You In Need Of A Periodontal Cleaning?

A periodontal cleaning, also known as a scaling/root planing, can help you combat gingivitis. How will you know when you are facing this periodontal condition? Look for signs like gum tissue appearing red or swollen. You should also be concerned if your gums are more prone to bleeding, or if you think your gum line… Read more »

Undergoing Dental Work When You Have Anxiety Issues

Anxiety about dental work can have a pretty clear impact on your ability to receive the oral health care you need. Patients who suffer this discomfort may be put off by the information they need restorative dental care, but feel no concern about a standard dental checkup. However, others may be alarmed at the thought… Read more »