Hands Smile Woman Baxter MNAt our practice, we focus on new advances within the dental field, so that we can continue to bring you the highest quality care. In this area of science, there is constant progress in imagery in particular, which gives your provider more information about what is going on with your smile. We proudly employ advanced forms of imagery to help reach diagnoses early, so that you can work to treat and improve issues before they progress further.

At Greenhaven Family Dental in Baxter, MN, we invest in powerful technological tools to bring you quality dentistry. From the use of digital x-rays to intraoral scanning, this starts with a dedication to a safer and more comfortable experience during imagery. Digital radiography can help you to limit your exposure to the radiation emitted during this process, giving off a fraction of that of traditional methods. We also use an intraoral camera to gain a better view of your smile with less intrusion. For these processes and more, set aside some time for a visit to Dr. Clinton L. Roberts, DDS!

Digital Radiography Gives Your Dentist More Information

The use of digital x-rays has brought positive change to the dental world, for a variety of reasons. For your safety, this emits less radiation than traditional methods, which can give you the comfort of knowing that you are limiting your exposure. While traditional radiographs are generally considered to be safe for most individuals, this gives you added protection, which can be beneficial for those with certain conditions. If you are pregnant or think that you may be, digital x-rays help you to keep your exposure to radiation as low as possible.

This approach also gives your dentist the freedom to take many more images than with traditional methods. Much like with the change from film to digital photography, your provider is less limited with the use of this form of imagery.

A Better Visual Examination With Intraoral Camera Technology

Another way that we have invested in the new world of positive dental technology is through the use of intraoral cameras. This approach gives you a more comfortable experience, while also giving your provider powerful images of all areas of your mouth. This is a slim wand with a camera that your provider can use to gain a better view than with just a mirror. Receive a diagnosis early, so that you can work to slow or stop the progression of your condition.

Taking Advantage of Technology With Greenhaven Dental

We are here to help you maintain and restore your smile with the use of new forms of dental imagery. For more information or to schedule an appointment, give us a call at Greenhaven Dental in Baxter, MN today at (281)454-0523.