Make 2023 Your Year Of Dental Wellness

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2022 is rapidly coming to a close and with the start of the next year comes our plans for the future. Take advantage of this time to bring your dental health up to speed if it has been a while since your last oral checkup. Or if you are looking to address your sleep concerns,… Read more »

Shield Yourself From Sleep Apnea

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Obstructive sleep apnea is the term for harmful pauses in breathing overnight due to a blocked airway. Often patients will feel that their troublesome snoring is nothing more than a mere annoyance until their loved ones push them to seek care. This condition can cause serious issues with your overall health if ignored, such as… Read more »

Finding The Right Dental Restoration For You

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Sometimes our preventive care is not enough to keep us safe from the dangers of oral damage. There are an endless amount of ways that our smiles can experience damage. Some of the most dangerous possible harms can come from bacteria within our own mouth, when their acidic byproducts break down our enamel. When this… Read more »

Lost Your Deep Sleep? Bring It Back!

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Sleep disorders are highly prevalent in the United States. In fact, an estimated 70 million of us have a health concern that affects the quality of our rest. These affect our daily energy either by limiting quality or duration of sleep. Surprisingly, some of the most common forms center around the mouth! If you find… Read more »

Bring Your Best Smile To The Table

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During the holiday season, we are often visiting family and friends that maybe we haven’t had a chance to see in quite some time. With the advent of the COVID-19 pandemic, it might have been a few years since you last spoke with some of your loved ones. Understandably, this situation can cause you to… Read more »