3 Things You Miss When You Skip Dental Checkups

What are you missing out on when you leave dental checkups off your schedule? The simple answer is that missing appointments leaves you vulnerable to dental problems, and to missing signs of oral health trouble. At every appointment, you receive the combined care of a professional dental cleaning, and an evaluation. The cleaning removes tartar… Read more »

Quiz: Restorative Treatment Using A Dental Crown

You may know someone who has a dental crown, or several crowns, and have no idea – even if the crown is located in a prominent part of their smile. This is possible because your dentist is able to make crowns with ceramic, and those restorations can pass for natural teeth. Crowns are used for… Read more »

The Link Between A Scaling/Root Planing And Gum Disease

When is it appropriate to undergo a scaling/root planing? This procedure goes beyond the standard professional cleaning you undergo during a routine dental checkup. This preventive treatment involves the accessing of your teeth under your gum line. Bacteria found under your gums will be removed, and the surfaces of teeth will be polished in order… Read more »

Fully Addressing Your Needs During A Tooth Extraction

The news that you need to have a tooth extracted is not something you are likely to receive warmly. Your dentist will try to avoid resorting to this method of restorative dental care, but sometimes there is simply no alternative available. In some cases, a person needs to have a tooth extracted because of crowding… Read more »