Can Your Teeth Take the Pressure?

It’s easy to take it for granted, but your teeth are incredibly strong. The act of chewing food generates a lot of force, and as a result, a lot of pressure on your teeth. With strong, healthy teeth in place, that pressure is nothing to worry about. However, if your teeth have been damaged by… Read more »

Is Your Tooth Missing a Piece?

Your teeth are incredibly strong and resilient. That’s how they’re able to last throughout your lifetime. However, even with the strength of dental enamel on their side, teeth are still susceptible to damage. Physical contact or chomping down on a food that is too hard can cause a piece of your tooth to chip. Bacterial… Read more »

Should You Give Up on a Cracked Tooth?

Your teeth are strong and durable. They have to be, in order to stand up to a lifetime of chewing and bacterial wear. When one of your teeth becomes damaged, it can cause you pain and pose a risk to other teeth and oral tissues. You may have experienced a crack in one of your… Read more »

Your Teeth Need Structural Stability

What makes your teeth so effective at chewing and grinding up food? They have to be tough in order to last throughout your whole lifetime, but they also have to be stable. Your teeth’s root system and structural stability allow them to give you the bite power you need to comfortably eat food. When either… Read more »

What Does a Cavity Do to Your Tooth?

You know that cavities are harmful to your teeth. They’re the pockets of bacteria that cause little dark spots and require fillings. Over time, cavities can cause you pain and disrupt your smile. You know you want to avoid developing cavities, but do you actually know what cavities are? Understanding what cavities are and what… Read more »