Your teeth are incredibly strong and resilient. That’s how they’re able to last throughout your lifetime. However, even with the strength of dental enamel on their side, teeth are still susceptible to damage. Physical contact or chomping down on a food that is too hard can cause a piece of your tooth to chip. Bacterial damage can cause a cavity that takes away part of your tooth’s structure as well. If your tooth is missing a piece, it can spell trouble for the health of that tooth and the surrounding teeth. Here’s what to do if your tooth becomes damaged.

A Tooth with a Missing Piece May Be Susceptible to Infection

Your teeth fit together in a systematic, intentional way. Their alignment allows you to chew food comfortably. When a tooth is missing a piece, it can make it difficult to chew effectively. A misaligned bite can lead to added wear on the rest of your teeth, and it can also make your teeth more difficult to clean. If your tooth is missing a piece because of a physical accident, it may be open to bacterial infection. If your tooth is missing a piece in the form of a cavity, you’re already dealing with bacterial infection. In either case, call your dentist.

Dental Crowns Can Repair Teeth with Missing Pieces

For simple cavities, your dentist will typically use a dental filling to treat the condition and repair the structure of your tooth. For teeth that are missing significant pieces, a dental crown is the answer. Dental crowns look just like natural teeth. They’re fabricated from dental ceramics, making them strong and durable. They fit over your natural tooth, protecting the root structure underneath and giving you a stable chewing structure on top. Dental crowns are often the preferred remedy for a tooth that has been significantly chipped.

Cracked Teeth May Not Be Repairable with a Crown

There are some cases in which your tooth has not just been chipped, but it has actually cracked. If your tooth is not missing a piece, but rather, it has fractured, a dental crown may not be able to solve the issue. Fractures can run down into the roots of a tooth and cause the entire tooth to become unstable. Depending on the nature of the crack, you may need to have the tooth extracted and replaced with a dental prosthetic. These aren’t decisions you have to make on your own. If you’ve experienced any trauma to your teeth, you should call your dentist immediately and schedule an appointment.

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