The experiences you have as a child can shape your perceptions as an adult. Some of your fondest childhood memories stick with you to this day. Unfortunately, this can also be true of negative experiences. Creating positive associations with healthy practices as a child will allow your little one to maintain these habits as an adult. One area where this is especially true is with dental visits. If your child has a positive association with the dentist, it can encourage them to continue making appointments long after they’ve moved out of the house.

Positive Childhood Dentistry Experiences Encourage Continued Care

When you’re the one scheduling appointments for your child’s dental care, it’s easy to make sure they attend. You book the visit and you drive them to the office. When kids move out of the house and become responsible for making their own dental appointments, they can sometimes fall out of the habit, especially if they’ve never been a fan of the dentist. Positive experiences as a child can help reenforce the value of dental care and help make your child a diligent patient for life. This kind of continued care can preserve the health of your child’s teeth for the future.

A Good Experience Allows Your Child to Take Ownership of Their Oral Health

When your child understands the value of their oral health, they’re more likely to make biannual visits to the dentist for exams and cleanings. However, the impact of these experiences can also be more immediate. When your child perceives taking care of their teeth as fun, they’re more likely to keep up with brushing and flossing. If your child is being educated in how to properly brush and floss, they’ll do a more thorough job and take pride in keeping their own teeth clean and healthy.

Welcoming, Friendly Care Environments Can Make the Difference

If you’re trying to create a positive experience for your child at the dentist, the environment makes the difference. Welcoming, friendly environments eliminate the clinical feeling that medical visits can often have. If you’re child feels comfortable at the dentist’s office, they’re more likely to listen and be willing to return.

Greenhaven Family Dental Welcomes Young Patients

At Greenhaven Family Dental, we understand how crucial early childhood dental visits are. We have made an effort to create a welcoming, positive care environment for patients of all ages, especially our youngest patients. If you need to schedule an appointment for your child’s dental care, trust Greenhaven. You can schedule appointments for cleanings and exams by contacting Greenhaven Family Dental in Baxter, MN at 218-454-0523.