Often times, teeth that have been damaged by bacteria or physical accidents can be repaired with the proper dental restoration. Restorative dentistry has the ability to protect vulnerable teeth and fortify damaged tissues. However, some teeth are beyond repair. Broken, highly decayed teeth may need to be extracted in the interest of your overall oral health. If you have a tooth or several teeth that cannot be repaired by restorative dentistry, your dentist may recommend extraction, followed by the placement of a dental prosthetic. Here are some of your options.

When a Dentist Recommends Extraction, They Do So for Your Own Good

Tooth extraction may run counterintuitive to what you think of as good oral health. Afterall, isn’t the point to keep your teeth healthy and safe throughout your lifetime? Yes, it is, but sometimes the best way to do that is with extraction. Broken teeth can cause discomfort in your mouth or even pose oral health risks to your other teeth. A tooth that is cracked may let in bacteria if left unattended. That could lead to decay and gum disease. Your dentist understands the big picture when it comes to your oral health, if they’re recommending extraction, it’s for the best.

Dental Bridges Can Replace a Series of Missing Teeth

After having a damaged tooth extracted, you will still want to replace the tooth. Missing teeth can lead to changes in your bite that can cause premature wear on your other teeth. Instead of leaving holes in your smile, you should choose a dental prosthetic replacement, like a dental bridge. Dental bridges are comprised of a series of replacement teeth (usually referred to as “pontics”) that are held together by dental crowns on both ends. The dental crowns fit over your healthy teeth and hold the prosthetic in place. The dental bridge can replace a single missing tooth, or even a series of missing teeth.

Dentures Cover More Severe Tooth Loss

Not every case of tooth loss can be repaired by a dental bridge. Dental bridges need healthy natural teeth to stay in place. If you’ve lost a significant number of your teeth on an individual dental ridge, dentures may be a better option for you. Dentures and partial dentures can replace all or nearly all of the teeth on a dental ridge. Dentures still give you a lifelike appearance that will rebuild your confidence in social settings. Depending on your individual tooth loss case, your dentist will recommend the right treatment.

Greenhaven Family Dental Offers Dental Prosthetics and Extraction

When tooth extraction is the right move, you need to move forward with this treatment quickly. Greenhaven Family Dental is here to help by providing welcoming care and answering all of your questions. Our team can also recommend the right dental prosthetic for your needs. Schedule an appointment at Greenhaven Family Dental in Baxter, MN by calling our office at 218-454-0523.