questionstickiesAre you snoring? Do you only know that you’re snoring because your partner is sick and tired of you disrupting his or her sleep? Whatever the case, patients often throw their hands up in their after having tried everything to address this annoying nightly occurrence. The good news is that you have a variety of options for improving your ability to sleep soundly through the night (without all of that noise). Consider a few questions and answers about snoring treatment that will help you make more sense of what’s happening and how you can make improvements.

Q&A: Nightly Snoring

Question: What exactly is snoring?

Answer: You’re snoring because your throat tissues are touching during the night, partially blocking your airways. Every time you breathe, the vibrations caused by your tissues in contact with one another lead to an annoying sound.

Question: Why am I snoring?

Answer: Your snoring may occur as the result of a wide variety of potential factors. Some patients are experiencing sleep apnea (a serious sleep disorder that we may treat). In most instances, certain factors are causing your throat muscles to relax, which means your throat tissues are only receiving partial support. Culprits may include drinking alcohol before bed, taking sleep aid medicines that relax your muscles, congestion that results in inflammation and obstructed airways, or carrying extra weight that places pressure on your throat (and may cause extra tissue within your throat). Fortunately, we offer snoring treatment and sleep apnea treatment.

Question: What can I do to practice snoring treatment through my own efforts?

Answer: You may sleep on your side rather than your back to improve air flow. We also suggest addressing any sort of congestion (or allergies) to open your air passages. For individuals relying on alcohol or sleep aids, we suggest seeking natural forms of relaxation. And, if you are overweight, losing weight may help reduce your snoring.

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