sleepapneaHas a friend or family member mentioned to you recently that you might not simply be suffering from excessive snoring – but you may require sleep apnea treatment? Is this something you continue to shrug off because you aren’t quite sure what sleep apnea is and because you’ve simply become accustomed to daily fatigue and other frustrating side effects? If you’re nodding your head in agreement, it’s time you learn more about this sleep disorder and speak with us to determine whether treatment can improve your sleep (and your daily quality of life).

About Sleep Apnea

If you are suffering from a need for sleep apnea treatment, your throat tissues are fully collapsing throughout the night, possibly hundreds of times per night. This occurs when the throat muscles that support these tissues over-relax. Unfortunately, sleep apnea causes this obstruction of your airways for up to a minute at a time. As a result, these episodes deny oxygen to your brain. Your brain will recognize the depletion and urge you to wake up and breathe. You will wake, struggle to quickly breathe (a choking or gasping sound often accompanies waking), and then fall quickly back to sleep.

Why We Suggest Treatment

Dealing with interrupted sleep – and depriving your brain of oxygen for up to a minute at a time – can lead to significant problems. On an immediate level, you will experience obvious symptoms like headaches, exhaustion, difficulty concentrating, and moodiness. Unfortunately, the long-term effects may include serious issues with your health. We suggest seeking sleep apnea treatment with us, so we can alleviate symptoms, while inhibiting future damage to your health.

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Dr. Clinton L. Roberts and the friendly staff at Greenhaven Family Dental are happy to help you maintain a healthy and beautiful smile with a comprehensive approach to general dentistry. With years of training and experience in dental sleep medicine, Dr. Roberts is also adept at helping patients treat snoring and sleep apnea so they can rest more easily (and quietly). To learn more, or to schedule an appointment, call our office in Baxter, MN, today at (218) 454-0523. We proudly welcome patients from Brainerd, Little Falls, Staples, Crosby-Ironton-Deerwood, and all surrounding communities.