Cherish Baxter MNThe routine care of your smile is integral in keeping your smile safe throughout the years. Enamel is the tissue that comprises the outside surface of your teeth, and the damage you do can be lasting without assistance from a dental professional. Bone density begins to decrease around the age of fifty, so it is important to take special precautions with your osteopathic health after you reach this milestone.

Set aside the time with Dr. Clinton L. Roberts at Greenhaven Family Dental in Baxter, MN to discuss your age-related oral health concerns. Your jaw bone material is vital in keeping your teeth safe and secure. As this tissue decreases, you may be more susceptible to periodontitis, which is a pocket between tooth and bone. Enamel damage can occur from your years of regular use, as well. For your restorative needs, we are here for your smile!

Bone Density Naturally Starts To Decrease

After the age of fifty, bone density starts to decrease in the average individual. Your doctors may have spoken with you about a condition known as osteoporosis, or you may know of it from loved ones who have grown older. This is when your bones become brittle as a result of a loss of tissue mass, and it can sneak up on you. After all, you do not see your bones on a daily basis, so you might not notice changes until it is too late.

Schedule a time with a qualified dental professional to speak about how your age impacts your oral health. The connection between your teeth and jaw is snug, so the loss of bone tissue can create a pocket where bacteria can develop. If you have begun to experience loose teeth, speak with a dentist about your options.

Enamel Damage Can Accumulate Over Time

Since we do not regrow our teeth like some other animals, the maintenance of our existing ones is key to having a beautiful smile throughout adulthood. From time to time, however, things can happen. Feel comfortable with a trusted dental professional and discuss your decay or broken material. The right solution is available to you!

For the restoration of your enamel as a result of tooth decay, discover how a dental filling can help you to protect the soft tissue of your mouth. If you have broken or chipped a tooth, a dental crown can give you a new functioning bite surface and prevent further infection.

Helping Your Smile Continue To Thrive In Baxter, MN

The ongoing maintenance of your smile is key for people of all ages, but especially in those who are past fifty. Give us a call at Greenhaven Dental in Baxter, MN today at (281)454-0523 to schedule an appointment or to learn more.