Your Dentist Can Provide You With A Tooth-Colored Filling

After a cavity forms, there will not be a way for you to avoid restorative dental work. Our teeth are strong, but when decay does too much harm to your enamel, professional care has to take place to provide protection. At our Baxter, MN dentist’s office, we can provide several treatment options for those affected… Read more »

Regain Your Full Smile By Receiving A Dental Bridge

Life without a full smile can be frustrating, as your missing tooth (or missing teeth) can create several problems that affect you on a daily basis. You can feel self-conscious about the way you look, you can have a difficult time biting and chewing certain foods, and you can even have a more difficult time… Read more »

Can You Really Trust A Crown To Imitate A Healthy Tooth?

While restorative dental work is hardly an exciting activity to schedule, treatment will stop a problem with tooth decay from worsening and creating more problems for your overall oral health. One reason people may hesitate to move forward with a procedure is because they need work done on a visible tooth. Will your procedure alter… Read more »

Making Restorative Dentistry More Comfortable For Patients

When cavities form, they can eventually cause serious discomfort as bacteria destroy enamel and infiltrate a tooth’s inner chamber, known as the pulp. While decay can be caught and treated with a dental filling before this happens, many patients do not seek help until they feel the discomfort of an advanced cavity. Whether you need… Read more »

Can A Filling Provide Lasting Protection After A Cavity?

If a cavity damages your tooth structure, you will need restorative dental work. The treatment your dentist provides does more than just stop the health of your tooth from worsening. After removing bacteria and damaged tissues, we will protect your tooth by providing you with a dental filling or dental crown. Dental fillings can be… Read more »