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Even with the best oral health hygiene, sometimes issues arise that can place the future wellbeing of your smile at risk. Enamel is the durable external material that coats the surface of the tooth. Unfortunately, the human body does not reproduce this tissue when it experiences damage. It is vital then that you constantly care for your enamel on a daily basis through routine brushing and flossing. When issues do come up, what is the best course of care for your enamel?

Your restorative dentistry direction depends on the cause of your concern and the severity of the damage. Buildup of plaque and tartar can lead to cavities which require tooth fillings, which safely cover the area and restore a lifelike appearance to your enamel. For cracked or broken teeth, dental crowns are sturdy caps composed of state-of-the-art materials that give you back your ability to bite safely. Discover how we help repair these situations at Greenhaven Family Dental in Baxter, MN. Allowing damaged and worn enamel to be exposed to the elements can turn into a nasty infection that could require surgery, so call us today!

Tooth Decay Leaves You Exposed To Infection

Bacterial infection within the mouth is a concern for all. These tiny germs take hold in pockets throughout your smile and over time, they can erode your enamel through the excretion of acidic waste. It is vital to keep to a strict oral health regimen at home to remove the harmful microorganisms.

When this damage compounds over time, it can lead to small holes where the enamel has been worn completely through. In these instances, the underlying dentin is exposed to the outside world. This tissue is not protective and is porous. A filling helps by plugging this cavity, renewing the barrier of your enamel. Speak with your dentist today about how to avoid the progression of this cavity.

Restore The Confidence To Your Bite With A Dental Crown

Cracks and breaks are also situations that can require restorative dentistry. Attend to these quickly to avoid further surgery to eliminate an infection within the pulp. Dental crowns are caps that restore bite functionality. This procedure could help you to chew with confidence!

Durable Enamel Restoration In Baxter, MN

Do not ignore a break in your tooth or a problem cavity. You could be vulnerable to further harm to your smile through additional breakage or infection. Call Greenhaven Dental in Baxter, MN today at (281)454-0523 for more information or to schedule an appointment with Dr. Clinton L. Roberts, DDS. Fillings can help you to protect your pulp from bacteria through a beautiful repair to your existing enamel. If you have cracked or broken a part of your smile, a dental crown could help you to keep full functionality and prevent a painful toothache!