How Can I Tell If I Have Gingivitis?

Many people do not realize that they are living with gingivitis. Problems with your periodontal health can become serious, but the initial stage of your infection can have less significant effects. Unfortunately, this can lead people to overlook the signs of trouble that are present, and that can ultimately make them vulnerable to complications that make the problem harder to manage. Your Baxter, MN dentist’s office can help you stay on top of your periodontal health. Regular dental exams provide updates about the health of your teeth as well as your gums. If we observe symptoms of gingivitis, we can alert you to the problem and address it via a scaling and root planing procedure. (more…)

Questions You May Have About Cavity Treatment

At an ideal dental checkup, there will be no need for you and your dentist to discuss cavity treatment. You can lower your risk for problems with dental decay when you take care of your smile on a daily basis, but even those who feel confident in their habits can encounter difficulties that call for restorative treatment. You can have some understandable concerns when you hear that you need treatment for a cavity. You may worry that your smile will be negatively affected, or that the treatment is going to be intrusive to an uncomfortable degree. At our Baxter, MN dentist’s office, we take care to address oral health problems in ways that fully resolve problems but also preserve healthy tissues. Our work can lead to lasting protection while only making conservative changes to your tooth structure. (more…)

How Dental Bridges Replace Lost Teeth

A single missing tooth can disrupt your smile, and it can create difficulties for your bite function and oral health that will become difficult to ignore. The solution to the problem can come in the form of a custom dental bridge. There are several advantages to using a bridge to replace a tooth – or teeth – that you are missing. Your appliance can be secured without oral surgery, and it can be counted on to remain in place as a permanent restoration. It is stable enough to support your dental function, and it can give you back a complete, attractive smile. Our Baxter, MN dentist’s office can meet with you to discuss treatment with a bridge. For patients who are missing more teeth, we can also talk about dental work with dentures. (more…)

How Do I Defend Against Tartar Buildup?

Tartar deposits are not a problem to simply write off. When this material accumulates on a person’s teeth, it raises their risk for experiencing tooth decay and gum disease. Unfortunately, it is not something that you will be able to address on your own. One reason to be consistent about scheduling dental exams is that you receive important protection against the harmful buildup of plaque and tartar on your teeth. Our Baxter, MN dentist’s office provides through teeth cleanings in addition to reviews that will alert you to any problems that might require further treatment. (more…)

The Importance Of Restoring A Broken Tooth

Our teeth are tough, but they can break, and that can lead to serious oral health concerns. It can also lead to an unwelcome change in your smile that makes you self-conscious. At our Baxter, MN dentist’s office, we can meet with you to make sure that your tooth is properly restored. Treatment calls for more than just cosmetic coverage. To make sure you can bite, chew, and speak without difficulty, we can provide a durable, custom-made dental crown that provides lasting support. For those who are uncomfortable with dental treatment, or just uneasy about work to restore a damaged tooth, we do provide sedation to make your time in our office easier. (more…)