Your teeth are strong and durable. They have to be, in order to stand up to a lifetime of chewing and bacterial wear. When one of your teeth becomes damaged, it can cause you pain and pose a risk to other teeth and oral tissues. You may have experienced a crack in one of your teeth as the result of something you ate or a physical accident. What can you do to fix this tooth? Are you doomed to experience pain and discomfort when chewing with this tooth forever? Often, a dental restoration called a “dental crown” can help your cracked tooth recover and work like new.

Dental Crowns Cover and Protect Damaged Teeth

A dental crown is made to look and feel like a natural tooth. Crowns can be made out of metal amalgam or tooth-colored dental porcelain. They are fabricated to fit the contour of your natural tooth, fitting over the top of it like a protective shield. If your tooth has been compromised by physical damage or bacterial infection, a dental crown is often the best way to preserve it. Dental Crowns can keep you from having to extract a damaged tooth, but if the crack is severe, you may not have a choice.

The Nature of the Crack Determines What Can Be Done

Not all tooth cracks are the same. The degree to which your tooth is cracked, and the location of the crack will determine whether or not the tooth can be repaired. Small grooves, or “craze lines,” can often be seen on the surfaces of teeth. These cracks don’t pose any real threat to your tooth and don’t need to be treated. You may also experience cracking around a dental filling. In cases of surface cracks, your dentist can often use a dental crown or a cosmetic procedure to repair the damage. If the crack extends beneath the gum line, things get more tricky.

Split Teeth and Vertical Root Fractures Usually Require Extraction

If your tooth is cracked down the middle and into the gum line, it may be known as a “split tooth.” That means that your tooth has cracked all the way, or nearly all the way, in half. This type of crack often isn’t salvageable with a dental crown. Your dentist may need to extract this tooth, or they may be able to save only a portion of it. Vertical root fractures are cracks that originate from the roots (beneath the gum line) and extend up to the surface of the tooth. Again, these cracks are severe and almost certainly require extraction.

Greenhaven Family Dental Offers Dental Crowns and Extraction

To determine the best method of treatment for your damaged tooth, your dentist will need to evaluate your personal situation. At Greenhaven Family Dental, we provide a comfortable care environment that focuses on individualized treatment. Schedule an appointment to address your damaged teeth by contacting Greenhaven Family Dental in Baxter, MN at 218-454-0523.